My commitment to you –  As your representative, I am dedicated to building our community and finding the common ground that unites all of us. I am committed to fiscal responsibility in budget management and spending. I value your opinion, so please feel free to contact me by phone or email.


I intend to collaborate with other representatives, seeking common ground legislation, which will ensure the responsible use of our water. Water is one of our states most valuable resources and critical to the families in my district. Policies governing the use of our water must balance the rights and privileges of all parties affected, now and for generations to come.

Farming and Ranching

I will work for mutually beneficial solutions that respect and honor the rich history and continued importance of farming and ranching in our state. Agriculture is a common sense industry that requires greater support and fewer regulations, maximizing flexibility and stability, free of artificially imposed regulatory barriers.

Economic Development

I will work to unite the House related to legislation that promotes responsible economic development in our area. Smaller rural communities deserve the attention and priority experienced by larger cities. I believe we can preserve the historical significance of our communities while ensuring a future for our families.


I will support a common ground effort that is designed to improve the direction of education in New Mexico. By removing barriers we will maintain a balance between compliance and creative solutions for all stakeholders. The time is now to set partisan politics aside to ensure that we move forward on this critical issue.

Health and Public Safety

I will build relationships across party lines to ensure the health and security of all New Mexicans. We need to establish a clear distinction between crime, mental health, and the social issues we face in our communities. Our courts must be allowed to dedicate their resources to prosecuting violent criminals who threaten the safety of our families.


Legislative Committees

I served on the following Legislative Committees for the 2017 regular and special session.

Standing Committee Membership

  • House Appropriations & Finance
  • House Health & Human Services
  • House Printing & Supplies

Interim Committee Membership

  • Legislative Finance Committee
  • Interim Legislative Ethics Committee
  • Legislative Health & Human Services Committee
  • Water & Natural Resources Committee
  • Capitol Security Subcommittee
  • Economic & Rural Development Committee